Ofsted Questions.

Some lovely people on Facebook have asked for some of the questions me and my staff were asked during our recent Ofsted inspection. I will be creating a Youtube channel in the next few days, discussing current issues in Early Years designed to help and support practitioners and managers. I know the Early Years sector has little to no spare cash so this will be free.

In the meanwhile, here are some of the questions we encountered. The Youtube video will be more detailed. I will also add tracking cohorts using Tapestry, In the moment planning, book reviews (both picture books and industry books), schema support, continuous provision reviews, Forest School guides, learning walls and questions and answers. If there is anything else you want to see, ask!

Now for the dreaded questions...

To Key Person(s)

What is the Prevent Duty?

What do you look for if you had a concern about a child?

What would you do about your concern?

What would you do if you had a concern about a member of staff? (asked two members of staff this)

What would you do if your safeguarding lead didn't do anything with your concern?

What would you do if you had a concern about your safeguarding lead / manager?

How do you assess and monitor children's development?

How do we know where children are developmentally when they start?

How do we come up with next steps?

How is that linked with planning?

What EYPP money has been spent on?

How often do you go outside?

What learning programmes do you use?

Why do you do Dough Gym and Funky Fingers?

How do you differentiate?

Why is this child in this age band?

Where is this child going next?

Manager/deputy manager.

How do you assess and monitor children's progress?

What is In The Moment Planning and how do you make sure your practitioners are capable?

Explain the staff supervision process.

How do staff find out about training opportunities?

What improvements have you made since the last inspection?

Talk me through your recruitment process. (Wanted to see staff registrations forms, dbs numbers, records of training and supervisions).

How do you ensure existing staff are still safe to work with children?

How do you monitor staff performance?

How do you ensure children are safe?

What would you do if a member of staff made an allegation against another member of staff?

If I think of anymore, i'll add them to my Youtube channel. You can reach me via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too.

Can I see a two year check? (Wanted to see the next Learning and Development Summaries).

Show me a live safeguarding case and talk me through the process. (or a previous case if none live).

How do you allocate staff?

How do you ensure all children have access to outside?

Is there anything else you want to tell me? (At this point, launch into how fantastic you are).


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